Crafted in America Using US and imported materials - Fully Custom RTA Cabinets

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3d cabinet design

3d RTA Cabinet Design software update

Introducing the City Cabinets 2024 3D software catalog

Just released is our newest version of the 3d custom RTA cabinet design software. This new design catalog update will include:

  • Updated product listings (various product additions/updates)
  • Addition of the new custom crown molding category revamp

Check it out here

high-end features, Full Custom, wholesale prices


Full Overlay Construction (full access interior)

Wholesale Pricing (online ordering only)

Fully Custom Sizes (1/4" increments)

3/4" Plywood Case (birch UV coated veneer, CARB2)

Simple/STRONG Construction (simply align holes and screw together, no glue or pin nails needed)

Ultra High-End Wood Cabinet Doors (USA)

Dovetailed Drawer Boxes (Solid Rubberwood)

Blum Tandem+Blumotion Soft Close Slides (*orders after October 1st 2023)

Ships Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)

Made in USA with Global and USA Materials

High-End Features

  • 3/4" thick Birch plywood cases
  • Full overlay, frame-less construction
  • Flat-packed (ready to assemble)
  • Full overlay Blumotion® soft close hinges
  • 13/16" thick Solid wood doors
  • Under-mount soft close drawer slides
  • 5/8" thick solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes

Fully Customizable

  • Fully customizable sizes with 1/4" increments for widths and heights
  • Depths are adjustable up to 1" increments
  • Customizable interior components, including the ability to add roll-outs, change the toe kick construction, change drawer heights, and much more!

Wholesale Prices

Global sourcing allows for the best "bang for the buck". City specializes in sourcing the best components from all over the globe. 

In response to numerous requests for a cabinet line combining customization, quality, and affordability, we revisited our design approach. The result is a new line that addresses the need for a budget-friendly cabinet while preserving our cherished high-end features. Unlike our previous lines centered on American sourcing, City Cabinets is free to source components globally. This flexibility enables us to meet the ongoing demand for quality, customization, and competitive pricing.

-Chad Barker - CEO - City Cabinets

Knock-Down design with confirmat screw assembly

Cabinets are assembled using only an electric screw driver. NO GLUE, NO PIN NAILS, NO PROBLEMS!

Past, Present, and Future of RTA Cabinets


 Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets have revolutionized the furniture industry, offering a blend of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and style. The journey of RTA cabinets from their humble beginnings to their current status and future potential provides insight into the dynamic nature of consumer preferences and manufacturing innovations. This essay will explore the past, present, and future of RTA cabinets, tracing their evolution and anticipating future trends.

Past: Origins and Early Development

Early 20th Century Beginnings

 The concept of RTA furniture, including cabinets, began in the early 20th century, spurred by advancements in manufacturing processes and the need for affordable, transportable furniture. These early versions were simple and functional, setting the stage for market growth that valued ease of transportation and affordability.

Post-World War II Expansion

 The post-World War II era marked a significant expansion in the RTA cabinet industry. The economic boom and a surge in housing construction created high demand. Innovations in materials like particleboard and MDF, along with improvements in hardware like cam locks, made RTA cabinets more accessible and easier to assemble.

Present: Current State and Trends

Globalization and Technological Advancements

The late 20th century saw the globalization of the RTA cabinet market. Manufacturers in countries with lower labor costs began producing large volumes, leading to decreased prices. The rise of global shipping and e-commerce further fueled this growth, allowing consumers worldwide to purchase RTA cabinets with ease.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability has become a crucial aspect, with an increased focus on eco-friendly materials and production methods. Many companies now offer cabinets made from sustainable wood or recycled materials, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.

Future: Anticipated Developments

Shift towards Local Production in the USA

 The future of RTA cabinets in the USA is witnessing a significant shift towards local production. This move aims to reduce lead times associated with importing and to support the local economy. Local manufacturing enables more agile and responsive processes, quickly adapting to market demands and consumer preferences.

Customization and High-Quality Components

There is an increasing demand for customization in the RTA cabinet market. US-based manufacturers are focusing on offering custom options, using both domestically produced and imported plywood for cabinet cases. The inclusion of high-quality components like Blum Blumotion soft-closing drawer slides and hinges adds to the value and durability.

Direct-to-Consumer Sales and Improved Support

 Direct-to-consumer sales are becoming more prevalent, offering better value-to-quality ratios. This model allows manufacturers to gather direct feedback for continuous improvement. Additionally, local production allows for better support in addressing field issues like damage replacement, a challenge for global suppliers.


 The journey of RTA cabinets is a reflection of broader trends in manufacturing, consumer behavior, and technological advancements. From their early 20th-century origins to the anticipated future dominated by local production and customization in the USA, RTA cabinets have continually evolved. They are not just a furniture item but a representation of the changing landscape of global manufacturing, consumer preferences, and the relentless pursuit of innovation and efficiency. As we look forward, the RTA cabinet industry is poised to maintain its significant role in homes and economies worldwide, adapting to the ever-changing demands of consumers and technological possibilities.

WOOD SAMPLE- cherry (RAW AND ESPRESSO) 0 door wall oven and cooktop base cabinet (ADJUSTABLE TOP RAIL) 2 door apron sink base cabinet (*sink not included)
Sale Price + Options: $1.95
Custom RTA Cabinets

Custom RTA Cabinets with American Sourcing and Ultra High-end Components

Cabinet Doors

Custom Cabinet Doors for Cabinet Refacing

Modern RTA Cabinets Custom
Custom Modern RTA Cabinets with European Sourced Modern Slab Laminate Doors and Ultra High-end Components

Difference between Barker Cabinets and City Cabinets

We've received numerous inquiries about the differences between our two cabinet lines, Barker and City Cabinets. Here’s a clear breakdown to address these questions:

Quality and Finish of Cabinet Doors: Both Barker and City cabinets are manufactured with the same high standards for quality and finish. Our production team crafts each door identically, without differentiating between the lines, ensuring uniform excellence across all products.

Pricing Differences: The City line offers a more competitive price due to cost-effective material substitutions in three specific areas, while maintaining our commitment to aesthetics:

  1. Plywood: The City line uses imported plywood, offering an economical choice. In contrast, the Barker line features domestically produced plywood from the USA, known for its premium quality.

  2. Drawer Boxes: City cabinets feature drawer boxes made from imported, prefinished rubberwood, providing durability and cost efficiency. Barker, on the other hand, opts for custom-made birch plywood boxes, which are sanded and then sprayed post-assembly. This process enhances the smooth feel of the dovetail joints and the overall finish quality.

  3. Drawer Slides: Both lines incorporate soft-closing Blum undermount drawer slides. The City line uses the Tandem+Blumotion model, while Barker upgrades to the Movento model, which supports a higher capacity of up to 125 lbs compared to the 100 lbs capacity of the City line’s slides.

These thoughtful distinctions help explain the different pricing structures, ensuring that both lines uphold our rigorous standards of quality and functionality.